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Spode Blue Italian Hexagonal Vase

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Spode Blue Italian was made possible by Josiah Spode's perfection of blue under-glaze printing in 1784.This collection is a tapestry of blue scene's and figure's. Today we have an extensive collection of microwave and dishwasher safe dinnerware, giftware and accessories. This pattern also includes several oven to table items. The 10-1/2-inch Hexagonal Vase make's the perfect dining or home accessory.

  • 1- 10-1/2-inch Hexagonal Vase
  • Made of beautifully white translucent Porcelain
  • Rich blue chinese inspired pattern created with hand applied lithographs underglaze for vibrant color and durabilty on a porcelain white body
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Never place empty items in microwave or oven. Guaranteed against manufacturer defects